By subscribing to, you acknowledge that you agree to the terms and conditions set forth below. Provides its users with a dedicated postal address in Turkey located in Istanbul.

After that, you can send the purchased parcels to our address, which we have provided you.

In turn, the Caspiway team will deliver packages to your country to your delivery address in accordance with your instructions.

The cost of shipping a parcel is calculated based on the volume or weight of the parcel.

Your parcels are in free storage for a period of 15-20 days depending on the type of subscription, you can use this time to hold and pick them up.


For each day exceeding the indicated days, a fee of EUR 1 per pack will be charged.

The maximum storage period is 60 days. In cases exceeding this period, please contact the participant about the delivery of the package. In case of non-delivery or refusal of the subscriber to send, Caspiway has the right to liquidate the parcel. has the right to open every package it delivers, in order to avoid the carriage of goods from prohibited categories.

Also, in order for you to get your goods more profitable, there is a function for repacking them. We propose to get rid of large boxes in favor of more compact ones. It will also ensure product quality control.

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